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About the Flu

A woman blows her nose

Seasonal Flu (CDC)

Learn when to expect seasonal flu, how it spreads, and how to protect yourself. Get information on who tracks cases to provide weekly flu activity reports in the United States.

A U.S. map includes the text 'Current United States Flu Activity Map'

Current Seasonal Flu Situation (CDC)

View the current flu threat levels in the United States and around the world using an interactive map that tracks visits to health care providers for flu-like symptoms.

Flu virus.

How the Flu Virus Changes

Flu viruses constantly change and mutate. Sometimes these mutations result in viruses that move from animals to humans. Learn more about how flu viruses change over time.

Man sneezes into his arm


Get information on H7N9, including the latest news and who's monitoring the virus.

A syringe is shown with the caption 'H3N2' written below it.


Get information on H3N2v, how it spreads, who's monitoring it, and how to prevent it.

A female medical professional holds a bottle labeled H1N1

H1N1 - Swine Flu

Get information on the status of H1N1 in the United States and how to prevent it. Learn how getting the seasonal flu vaccine is the best protection against H1N1.

An image of the H5N1 virus

H5N1 - Avian/Bird Flu

Get information on the threat of H5N1, where it exists, and how it is spread. Learn how to avoid H5N1 flu if traveling, and how cases are monitored around the world.