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Symptoms & Treatment

Unsure if you have the flu or the common cold? Wondering if there is a treatment available for the flu? In this section, you will find a description of flu symptoms, treatment recommendations, and advice on what to do while you or someone in your household is sick with the flu.

A sick woman laying in bed taking her temperature

Symptoms (CDC)

Find a list of flu symptoms, a comparison of flu and cold symptoms, and guidance on when to seek emergency medical assistance.

A cup of tea with a slice of lemon and medicine next to it

Treatment (CDC)

There are prescription drugs called antivirals that can treat flu illness. It is very important that certain people get treated with antiviral drugs quickly if they get the flu.

A mother helping her young daughter blow her nose

Caring for Someone with the Flu (CDC)

Learn the safe way to care for someone with the flu, and keep yourself and others in your home healthy.