Pandemic Influenza Storybook

Made possible by:

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

In partnership with:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Office of Enterprise Communication

Donna Garland, Director
Shaunette Crawford, Deputy Director
Barbara Reynolds, MA

Pandemic Flu Storybook Coordinator/Editor
Sharon KD Hoskins, MPH

Pandemic Flu Storybook Graphics/Web Designers
Dianna Knight
Daniel Watlington
Julian Herring

Additional support and expertise provided by:

CERC Consultation Panel
Bret Atkins, MA (Ohio)
Laura Blaske (Washington state)
Jim Beasley (South Carolina)
Barbara Beiser (Colorado)
Christie Holmgren (Oregon)
Marie Milkovich, MS (Michigan)
Thomas Slater (New Jersey)
Kristine Smith, MA (New York)
Nicola Whitley, MS (New Hampshire)

CDC Staffers
Nadya Belins, PhD (ABD)
Alyce T. Burton, MPA
Kevin Butler
D′Angela Green, MPH
Benjamin Haynes
Ronald Lawrence
Scott Straw
Lisa Williams, MPH