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2007 News

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December 27, 2007
First Case of Human Infection With H5N1 Flu Virus Confirmed in Pakistan

December 15, 2007
Eight Suspected Human Cases of H5N1 Flu Virus in Peshawar Area of Pakistan

December 1, 2007
Myanmar Confirms First Human Infection With H5N1 Flu Virus

December 4, 2007
U.S. Ambassador Addresses New Delhi Conference


October 23, 2007
WHO Reports Projected Sharp Increase in Supply of Pandemic Flu Vaccine


August 30, 2007
$75 Million in Supplemental Funding Released to States

August 9, 2007
NIH Scientists Target Future Pandemic Strains of H5N1 Avian Influenza

August 7, 2007
Community Measures Prevent Deaths During Pandemic


July 17, 2007
HHS Announces $896.7 Million in Funding to States for Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response


June 14, 2007 
Two Contracts Awarded to Expand Domestic Vaccine Manufacturing Capacity


May 24, 2007
HHS Convenes America’s Leaders to Help Americans Prepare for Pandemic Flu

May 23, 2007
World Health Assembly Agreement Reached on Influenza Virus Sharing
Secretary Leavitt Statement

May 21, 2007
OSHA Unveils New Pandemic Flu Guidance for Healthcare Workers

May 15, 2007
New Online Training Course Released for State and Local Public Health Responders

May 9, 2007
Department of Defense Releases Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan

May 9, 2007
WHO Releases Questions and Answers on Pandemic Influenza Vaccine

May 3, 2007
HHS Issues Interim Guidance for the Use of Facemasks and Respirators in Public Settings During an Influenza Pandemic


April 26, 2007
WHO Meeting Agrees Global Stockpile of H5N1 Vaccine a Realistic Expectation

April 24, 2007
Grants Awarded by the World Health Organization to Increase Global Manufacturing Capacity to Produce Influenza Vaccine
Secretary Leavitt Statement

April 17, 2007
First U.S. Vaccine for Humans Against the H5N1 Virus Approved
Secretary Leavitt Statement

April 2, 2007
NIAID Expands Capability for Influenza Research and Surveillance


March 27, 2007
WHO Meeting In Jakarta on Sharing Avian Influenza Virus Samples

March 23, 2007
Statement by Health & Human Services Secretary Leavitt on the WHO Global Pandemic Influenza Action Plan to Increase Vaccine Supply

March 14, 2007
U.S. Department of Agriculture Agreement with Food and Agriculture Organization and One Year Report on Avian Influenza Actions


February 28, 2007
Experts Say Review of 1918 Pandemic Flu Studies Are Key to Preparedness

February 21, 2007
2,000 Human and Avian Influenza Virus Genomes Completed and Publicly Accessible

February 6, 2007
OSHA Unveils New Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for Influenza Pandemic


January 18, 2007
H5N1 Genetic Mutation Observed in Egypt

January 17, 2007
HHS Funds Advanced Development of H5N1 Influenza Vaccines

January 4, 2007
HHS Pursues Advance Development of New Influenza Antiviral Drug

January 2, 2007
NIAID DNA Vaccine for H5N1 Avian Influenza Enters Human Trial