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2006 News

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December 29, 2006
Molecular Anatomy of Influenza Virus Detailed

December 4, 2006
CDC Awards $11.4 Million to Develop New Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Avian Influenza


November 27, 2006
WHO issues Guidelines for Investigation of Human Cases of Avian Flu  

November 20, 2006
HHS Buys Additional Vaccine for Potential Use in an Influenza Pandemic

November 14, 2006
U.S. and Mexico Pledge Increased Cooperation in Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Along Border 

November 14, 2006
Inexpensive Test Detects H5N1 Infections Quickly and Accurately 

November 9, 2006
Dr Margaret Chan to be WHO's next Director-General

November 8, 2006
Dr Margaret Chan nominated to be WHO Director-General
Statement by Secretary Leavitt, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

November 6, 2006
WHO issues Field Guide to Collecting, Preserving and Shipping Specimens for the Diagnosis of H5N1


October 30, 2006
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: Emergence and Predominance of an H5N1 influenza Variant in China exit disclaimer

October 26, 2006
Confirmatory Tests Complete on Ohio Duck Samples Find No Avian Influenza

October 26, 2006
Harvard Survey: Public Reaction if a Pandemic exit disclaimer

October 25, 2006
New Study Has Important Implications for Influenza Surveillance and Vaccine Production

October 23, 2006
WHO Issues Global Pandemic Influenza Action Plan to Increase Vaccine Supply
WHO News Release
Statement by Secretary Leavitt

October 14, 2006
Ohio Wild Bird Samples Undergo Additional Avian Influenza Testing

October 12, 2006
New Crisis Management Centre Launched by FAO

October 07, 2006
Avian Influenza Tests Complete on Wild Northern Pintail Ducks in Montana

October 06, 2006
FAO Announces No Significant Change in Indonesian Bird Flu Virus (PDF)


September 29, 2006
Illinois Wild Bird Samples Undergo Additional Avian Influenza Testing

September 28, 2006 
Avian Influenza Tests Complete Confirm No H5N1 in Wild Green-Winged Teals in Illinois

September 23, 2006 
Avian Influenza Tests Complete on Pennsylvania Wild Mallard Ducks Confirm Low-Pathogenic H5N1

September 21, 2006
Montana Wild Bird Samples Undergo Additional Avian Influenza Testing

September 20, 2006
Statements on the International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza
Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns
Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt

September 12, 2006
Live H5N1 Avian Flu Virus Vaccines Show Protection in Animal Studies

September 12, 2006
Avian Influenza Tests on Maryland Wild Mallard Ducks Confirm Low-Pathogenic H5N1

September 6, 2006
Satellites Help Scientists Track Migratory Birds: GPS the Latest Tool in Fight Against Avian Influenza

September 2, 2006
Confirmatory Tests Being Conducted on Pennsylvania Wild Bird Samples

September 1, 2006
Confirmatory Tests Being Conducted on Maryland Wild Bird Fecal Samples


August 30, 2006
FAO Handbook offers guidance to small poultry farmers in Latin America and the Caribbean
English Press Release
Noticia en español

August 29, 2006 
DOI, USDA, and State Partners have Tested More Than 13,000 Wild Migratory Birds in Alaska and Have Not Detected Any Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Avian Influenza

August 28, 2006
Avian Influenza Tests on Michigan Mute Swans Confirm Specimens had Low-Pathogenic Strain of H5N1

August 28, 2006
Quick Diagnosis of Flu Strains Possible with New Microchip Test

August 25, 2006
EPA Issues Guidance on Disposal of Domestic Birds Infected by Avian Influenza (PDF)

August 24, 2006
USGS National Wildlife Health Center: Avian Flu Detection Information on Wild Birds Available

August 22, 2006
CDC and Association of Public Health Laboratories Make Influenza Virus Sequence Data Publicly Accessible

August 15, 2006
New York State Summit


June 20, 2006
Indonesia Holds Avian Influenza Expert Consultation

June 19, 2006  
USDA Trains Foreign Scientists on Avian Influenza Testing

June 15, 2006  
Secretary Leavitt, Department of Health and Human Services, Commends Congress for Passing $2.3 Billion Funding for Pandemic Preparedness

June 8, 2006  
Secretary Mike Leavitt, Department of Health and Human Services, Addresses Central American Health Ministers on Pandemic Preparedness

June 7, 2006  
CDC Issues Updated Interim Guidance for Laboratory Testing of Persons with Suspected Infection with Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Virus in the U.S.

June 5, 2006  
Secretaries Johanns (USDA) and Leavitt (HHS), and Special Assistant to the President, Dr. Rajeev Venkayya, Hold Tele-News Conference on U.S. Preparations for Avian Influenza


May 31, 2006 
New Jersey State Summit

May 26, 2006
New Hampshire State Summit

May 22, 2006 
Congressional Budget Office Updates Report on Possible Macroeconomic Effects and Policy Issues

May 22, 2006
Secretary Michael O. Leavitt, Health and Human Services, Addresses the WHO on Pandemic Flu

May 18, 2006
Canada Launches 2006 Wild Bird Survey for Avian Influenza

May 17, 2006
Long-Term Care and Other Residential Facilities Checklist Released

May 4, 2006
HHS Awards Contracts Totaling More Than $1 Billion To Develop Cell-Based Influenza Vaccine

May 4, 2006
Fran Townsend, the President's Homeland Security Advisor, discusses the Implementation Plan for the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza on Ask the White House

May 1, 2006
Mississippi State Summit  


April 27, 2006
HHS Assistant Secretary Simonson Travels to Bangladesh and India to Enhance Planning for a Potential Influenza Pandemic

April 25, 2006
Michigan State Summit

April 19, 2006
Interregional Spread of Influenza Through United States Described by Virus Type, Size of Population and Commuting Rates and Distance

April 14, 2006
Washington State Summit

April 13, 2006
Alaska State Summit (PDF)

April 10, 2006
FDA Issues Guidance for Industry on Diagnostic Devices to Detect Influenza A Viruses

April 3, 2006
Computer Model Examines Strategies to Mitigate Potential U.S. Flu Pandemic


March 24, 2006
Utah State Summit

March 24, 2006
Colorado State Summit (PDF)

March 22, 2006
HHS Buys More Antiviral Medication for the Strategic National Stockpile

March 21, 2006
North Carolina State Summit

March 20, 2006
USDA, DOI and HHS Expand Screening For H5N1 Avian Influenza in Migratory Birds

March 17, 2006
Illinois State Summit

March 6, 2006
Statement by Mike Leavitt, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Regarding Second Strain of the H5N1 Virus

March 2, 2006
Home Health Care Checklist

March 1, 2006
HHS Buys More Antiviral Medication


February 27, 2006
USDA Bans Some French Poultry

February 6, 2006  
HHS and Institut Pasteur Partner on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

February 3, 2006
Iowa State Summit

February 1, 2006
Teams Join Network to Model Pandemic Flu


January 17, 2006
Two Million Courses of Tamiflu Donated for Use in Developing Countries

January 13, 2006
United States Sends Avian Influenza Team to Turkey

January 12, 2006  
$100 Million for State and Local Pandemic Preparation

January 12, 2006  
Planning for Faith-Based and Community Organizations

January 6, 2006
Arizona State Summit

January 6, 2006  
Secretary Leavitt Releases Guide to Help Individuals and Families Get Informed and Be Prepared For a Pandemic

January 5, 2006
Human Cases of H5N1 in Europe