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2005 News

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Agriculture Secretary applauds Avian Flu funding
Dec. 30 — U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns commended President Bush for signing and Congress for approving $91.4 million in funding to enhance USDA's efforts to prevent and prepare for avian influenza. More >>
Warning About Bird Flu Stock Scams
Dec. 28 — Investors alerted to scams promising large market gains for investments to capitalize on helping protect against global pandemics More >>
Pandemic planning for business
Dec. 14 — HHS Secretary Leavitt released a pandemic planning checklist for business and industry. Checklists for other sectors of society are being developed. More >>
First State Planning Summit held
Dec. 14 — HHS Secretary Leavitt held the first state summit in Minnesota. More than 250 representatives from public and private organizations discussed state and national preparations for potential pandemic. More >>
Exercise to evaluate federal preparedness
Dec. 10 — White House held a Pandemic Flu "Table top exercise" to test responses to a possible pandemic. More >>


Agricultural Workers at Increased Risk
Nov. 25 — Study finds that workers who routinely come into contact with pigs have an increased risk of infection with flu viruses that infect pigs, including avian and human viruses. More >>