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Who's at Risk

Are you or a member of your family at increased risk of serious flu-related complications? In this section you will learn who is at higher risk and steps people in these groups should take during flu season.

Two small children blow their noses

Children & Infants (CDC)

Learn how to protect your children from the flu, learn about prescription medications that can treat flu illness, and learn the warning signs for when to get your child emergency medical care.

A doctor checks a pregnant woman's stomach

Pregnant Women (CDC)

Learn how changes to your immune system can place pregnant women at higher risk of serious flu-related complications. Get information on actions you can take to help protect you and your baby from the flu during flu season.

An elderly woman takes an elderly man's temperature

Seniors (CDC)

Learn about your flu vaccination options, Medicare coverage of flu vaccination, and when to contact your health care provider. Get information on the risk of flu-related complications, including pneumonia.

A woman takes her temperature

People with Health Conditions

Learn how your health condition increases your risk of getting the flu or experiencing flu-related complications and get condition-specific recommendations for staying healthy this flu season.

Two women point to European city landscape

Travelers & People Living Abroad (CDC)

Get guidance on preparing for your trip, finding medical assistance while abroad, and what to do when you return.